Solar Power: Tap the FREE power of the Sun

3 kW hybrid upgradable solar setup

3 kW hybrid upgradable solar setup

Unlike the power you get from VECO, MECO, CEBECO, MERALCO, etc, solar power from the sun does not come with a monthly electric bill…

While it is true that it may cost a small fortune to have a complete solar installation set up, your investment can return in as fast as 1.5 years, and your solar set up is guaranteed to work up to 25 years. Imagine not paying 50-95% of your monthly electric bill up to 25 years – Imagine the savings you can get from that.

Our set ups come with a compact computer system that automatically adjusts the power source between the grid and the solar panels depending on the brightness of the sun. If the sun is at it’s peak, the grid source can be totally eliminated depending on your load. During a rain, the computer will also adjust to get more power from the grid so your load / appliances will not suffer. This computerized solar set up, also comes with an online monitoring system that you can access via a mobile app.

The set ups we have are professional – not like the ones you see in CDR King. Our panels and our solar computers are the same brands used by top solar countries like Australia, Canada, and USA. Our solar panels carry at least a warranty of 15-25 years, thus it is guaranteed to work for 15-25 years.

To benefit from the unlimited power of the sun through a professional set up like the one we offer, one has to go beyond thinking of the price. One has to think not paying 50-95% of his electric bill for up to 25 years.

A typical grid-dependent set up can also be upgraded to off grid (battery aided) or hybrid (battery aided and grid tied).

2 thoughts on “Solar Power: Tap the FREE power of the Sun

  1. Greetings…

    May I know if how much it will cost for a 3kw-4kw upgradeable Solar set up (material & installation) ?

    • Hi Carey,

      For us to come up with accurate costing, we need to do a site survey on your house so we can take actual measurements and assessments – for you panel supports.

      Let me know if a site survey is possible.


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