Charity works thru Save the Children Foundation

Helping charity is a way of giving back to the community. One afternoon, two years ago, as I was strolling at Ayala Mall, a volunteer for Save the Children introduced  me to their cause. Save the Children helps impoverished children all over the world thru various medical and relief programs aimed at alleviating the plight of the impoverished children and their families. 

As the volunteer continued explaining, I started to fear that I might not be able to afford helping them. To my amazement, anyone can help Save the Children as their regular monthly pledges go as low as 500.00. They will need to get your bank account details though as they prefer to automatically deduct your pledge from your account monthly.

Anyone can afford 500.00 to help alleviate the poor. All that’s needed is a little sensitivity to answer the call of the needy.

To learn more about Save the Children, you can visit and 


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