Straightforward recommendation

We received a straight-to-the-point recommendation from one of our renovations customer and this note is worth posting as it always delights us…

This is from Egon of Crimson Resort in Mactan: “Hi Diedier
My house already rented again for one year so no further inquiries needed
I did some renovations this time and last view years with a small company from Lapu 2 . I am 35 years here in the Philippines and I can tell you the quality people and job he does I can not find any better here
So I highly recommend that company if you have some works here in crimson
Hope we meet still one of this days while I am here ( I was last night for dinner at the new Spanish restaurant)
All the best , Egon
Attached the information about my contractor and his contacts

Egon’s house need paint retouches and minor repairs such as leaking toilet and broken screen door lock. Most of his base board also needs to be replaced due to termite infestation. Some of the walls also has superficial cracks and we’ve fixed them well.

A tap on the back or a good job note always inspires us…

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