Rise of the GT (General Technician)

If you live in a condo setup or subdivision, sometimes you will encounter technical problems in your unit or abode and you can’t get quick help.

Enter the GT…

A GT is an all-around, on-demand technician who is so well roundedly endowed with vast technical knowledge and experience that he can diagnose and fix any appliance or home -related technical problems.

A GT doesn’t have to be a one man show. He can be just a representative of a group of technicians with all-around capabilities. When one particular GT is a master of just one trade or technical area, then he can simply tap out and request deployment of another GT who specializes on the particular technical problem at hand. But for a technical person to be worthy of the GT title, he should at least have all-around technical background experience so he can at least effectively make preliminary diagnosis of the problem before calling the specialist technician.

The GTs we currently have in our office ready for deployment have expertise in the following fields: Civil, structural, architecture, electrical, electronics, air conditioning (residential and automotive), plumbing, masonry, carpentry, painting and polishing, refrigeration, welding, CCTV, data cabling, glass works, satellite TV, computer hardware and software, and automotive works.

The GT service industry is the new wave of service technicians ready to answer your needs.

Contact us when you need one.

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