Pollution Control and Safety at the Construction Site

One key point that contribute to environmental change is pollution. Day by day construction debris is the major problem that add more woes to managers and even the least of worker. There are protocols set, but these are usually not implemented religiously.

There are many sources of pollution as the building rises. It is important to designate an area where you can put your secondary contentment as part of segregation process. You can use coding for containers such as empty bottles and plastics, cartons and papers, woods, metals, broken bulbs and bottles, and rags. This segregation system may not be new and may just be a repetition, but nevertheless – it will prove useful and worthy.

Pollution control in the field of construction will not come easy as you need to set daily goals since you are dealing with it on a daily basis. In our country, it is a mandate to continually standardize pollution control systems to the point that it becomes almost like a way of life. There are existing laws that govern environmental management and the chief implementing agency / enforcer of such laws is the Department of Natural Resources (DENR). One of its tasks is to train representatives from various construction companies to develop, enhance, and apply protocol module.

Safety in construction is also important to promote a holistic approach at work. All aspects must be considered – safety of workers, equipment maintenance, and building sanitation. The occupational safety on health and standards was adopted internationally for the common good of every employee. It is usually practiced by big corporations who are ISO accredited. The common standards that are useful to site is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Mechanical and Electrical Safety and Sanitation. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is the government agency tasked to review and check if certain provisions in Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) are properly implemented.

Finally, each worker must strive for further learning and education to maximize his potential, and perform well in his task through a full knowledge of his capabilities and limitations. Every construction company must also strive to develop each of its workers to achieve his full human potential as mandated in the labor code. (By Engr. Josifer Bejer) (Engr. Bejer has over 10 years of construction management experience in his belt through some of the foremost construction companies around Cebu)

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