Alcantara Cebu Residential Project

The thing with out of town contracts is the added travel costs of the supervisory personnel checking on the work progress… Unlike the construction workers and the foremen, engineers and quality checkers normally do not prefer to stay on site the whole time.

The supervisory travel costs is not really that significant and it can even be further minimized if the the contractor will assign a project supervisor who can do all three necessary functions – supervisory, quality checking, and the foreman function – and best if he can stay on site even at least during the weekdays…

Despite the unforeseen fears of a long distance project, a well-managed contract can still succeed…

Like this one in Alcantara, managed and supervised by an all-around engineer, Engr. Josifer Bejer, who actually does construction works even at his level… This guy is a real engineering rockstar…

Alcantara Cebu

Alcantara Cebu Residential Project

IMG20160615141344 IMG20160615142438

jb pic 2

Engr. Bejer at work

jb pic 3 jb pic 5

3 thoughts on “Alcantara Cebu Residential Project

  1. im uc civil engineering,currently working in bcw.ragojos heretage construction,alpine trade and construction…i am willing to subcon sir.

    • Hi Randy,

      From which school did you finish your civil and how many years of subcon experience do you have?

      Where are you based?

      Please send thru facebook pictures of your finished projects, if you have…

      You can find my facebook at the bottom of this page.


  2. If you loved what you are doing and do it with passion everything is possible. The important thing in life is you have the teachable attitude ,willingness to learn whatever it takes and the most important thing is call on God because He is the source of wisdom.

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