4 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. Hello,

    I would love to pick-up your kitchen designs. Would like you to check out my current house for remodelling. Thanks!

    • Hi Honey,

      Please email or text me your house for remodeling complete address so I can send someone to check on it for the measurements and noting down of your preferences…


  2. hello, how much will it cost to have a kitchen countertop installed (L-type)? Measurement is 60 x 70 x 200 cm on the longest side and 120 on the other. With cabinets on top and bottom with provision a 23 L electric oven and a microwave. I’m ok with laminates to reduce cost.

    • Hi Dane,

      We need to work on your design first before coming up with costing.

      Can we visit your unit to validate the measurements and note your preferences to start the designing?

      A good costing estimate is one that is based on the finished kitchen design blueprint.


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