Green Homes: Why they’re in…

red woodGreen homes are practical and functional – they save energy and money. The demand for energy has driven the need to burn more fuel and thus polluting the environment and hastening global warming.

Going green is not just for your neighbors’ sake but for your pocket as well and for the well being of your children’s children – the new generation. If there is lesser demand for energy, less fuel will be burned.

The “green” campaign has already gained momentum in fact every construction material, electronic appliance, home fixtures such as LED lights are nowadays very popular, and air conditioners now use non CFC refrigerants.

Now that almost everything around us should be green, our homes should be green too.

Here’s what makes a home green:

  1. Energy and water efficient – A green home should have large glass windows to eliminate the need for electric lights during the day and allow maximum moonlight during night. Large sliding doors to let the cool air in during the day or shut warm air in during the night or cold weather… The bathroom fixtures should also use very little water or best if the house has a water recycling system where waste water can be reused for the toilet or to water the plants. The lighting fixtures should also be LED and the appliances energy efficient such as the new inverter technology for the air conditioner, or LED displays for TVs, etc.
  2. Non toxic and biodegradable materials – The construction materials should be non polluting and 100% biodegradble.
  3. Renewable energy production – A green home should also be able to product it’s own energy by installing solar power systems, windmills, or solar heaters to store hot water without needing electric heaters.

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