4 thoughts on “Elegant Ceilings and railings

  1. Hi,

    Could you please help provide estimated cost for an house with 72sq.m floor area? 2 storey house.


    • Hi Lorenzo,

      Id be glad to help you.

      Costing analysis is best based on your complete house design blueprint.

      Costing analysis comes FREE with our affordable designing and blueprinting for the building permit.

      For 72sqm, complete designing and blueprinting for the building permit will only be 45,000.00 (20,000 will be REFUNDED back to you during start of construction), and you will get a further discount of 3,000 if you start the designing before February 01, so your total designing and blueprinting cost will come out as only 22,000 (signed and sealed blueprints) in the end.

      We can do a site survey on your lot if you want to start the designing and planning phase of your project.


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