CLP Technical Services

Welcome to CLP (Cena, Lim, Paradela) General Technical Services (GT Elite).

GT Elite is a team of general technicians with varied specializations all around the home-related technical fields – electrical, electronics, civil, mechanical, architecture, plumbing, CCTV, audio systems, refrigeration, painting and polishing, carpentry, masonry, etc. If it’s about your home, we carry it.

Gone are the days when you have to call different specialists for any of your home related problems. The GT (General Technician) is all you need today. One GT may not specialize a specific problem but each of our GT can effectively diagnose and advise on any field and can deploy the specialist GT for your specific need.

The GT wave is borne out of everyone’s need for quick, economical, and responsive help.

Our mission is to provide quick and economical help, and we envision a society where help is just a call or text away – like the movie ghost busters.

Our GTs have varied experiences both here and abroad.

Call us and we’ll be there for you as humanly fast as possible.

Our numbers: 639214275469; 639178680529; 639333362085

Our email:

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