Build now, pay later: Where to get funds for your dream house?


Tamani Residence Alcoy

In today’s world of commercial sophistication and increased opportunities for the Filipinos, and as long as you have a qualified income stream, funding your house construction is no longer an impossible dream.

Your contractor should be able to help you get the needed funds for your dream home either through bank loan facilitation or through internal financing as an added service. Not all contractors venture into internal financing due to the accompanying risks when dealing with construction credit. Only the bold and the big hearted contractor go as far as helping the client find his funds.

As an added service, the big hearted contractor can help secure the needed documents and requirements for the client’s bank loan. A well experienced contractor should also be able to give guidance in securing the needed documents and requirements for the customer’s bank loan and iron out whatever obstacles or difficulties he might encounter in trying to secure the loan. If the bank loan path is not the preferred means of securing the funds, the big-hearted contractor should also be able to facilitate an internal financing or even by connect the customer to enterprising individuals looking to finance the construction using the customer’s lot title as collateral. Either way, the house construction should no longer become a far-fetched dream for the qualified customer.

We here at Fine Finish Cebu have the experience to help every customer with his loan requirements – such as design blueprints and estimates prepared by a well-experience quantity surveyor. Our long experience in the construction industry has also equipped us with the needed knowledge in ironing out the kinks in the customer’s requirements and documents. If a bank loan is not yet favorable, we can also help through our revolutionary “loan buyers system” where we connect customers with enterprising individuals (investors) who find confidence in a certain customer’s qualifications – still the main collateral is the customer’s lot title.

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Tamani Residence Alcoy option 2


Edmonds Residence Pardo Cebu


Lee Ann Borneo Residence Consolacion

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14 thoughts on “Build now, pay later: Where to get funds for your dream house?

  1. how does the build now pay later work? is it bank financed or inhouse financing? how much is the cash out for it to start? and the terms please.

    • First, we try our friend at BDO, if not, we have in-house financer(s).

      Bank will release initial amount to start the construction around 10%. Then you must add 30% to the implementation before the next big release.

      Payable in 5-10 years.


  2. The unit i purchased is not rfo so it needs revision. I want you to give me the quotation.

  3. Hi I have a lot in Quiot Pardo about 198 sqm and 99 sqm. I am planning to build an apartment in that area but lack of financial back up for the building. Could you help? I wanted to build 4 doors apartment for your scheme build pay later will that be possible?

    The land is very sloppy I know you are professional Builders and you should know how to rectify the problem.

    • Hi Joy,

      We need to work on your complete design and blueprint first since it is the basis for the costing analysis which is also required by the financing party. Both blueprint and costing details are required.

      Our cost for the designing blueprinting is fully refundable or chargeable to the construction cost.

      We can start with a site survey on your lot.


  4. Good Day,

    I’d like to know about the Build Now Pay Later Program…

    I have a small property in Badian and I want to build a small bungalow house. I also want to know about affordable yet quality construction. Is Precast safe? I have read its faster to construct using this material but is it more affordable and available in my area?

    Can I get a free quotation and estimate?

    Thank You..

    • Hi Odessa,

      For the build now pay later, you will need to email a scan of your lot document(s) and income doc(s).

      Yes, using precast will result in faster construction but you cannot order it in 1 or 4 pieces. You need to order precast in bulk such as when you’re doing a subdivision with several housing units or a multi story building.

      For quotes, simply email your prelim design(s)…


  5. good day!
    i have 155sqm lot located at basak, lapu-lapu city, cebu but lack of resources to build my home. can I avail the build now pay later program thru in-house financing?

  6. Hi, I would like to take advantage this program. BUILD NOW AND PAY LATER.

    My lot is just 50 sqm. Here in Guadalupe.

  7. Hi id like to avail the build now pay later thru pag ibig. I have a lot in liloan. Can you assist me if ever? Btw where is your office location. Tnx

    • Hi Darvin,

      I’d be glad to help you get funds for your house project.

      We can start with a site check on your lot.

      Our office is at Day-as, Cordova, Mactan, Cebu.

      We can first meet at your lot then we can proceed to our office.


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