Affordable house designing and blueprinting for your building permit requirement

Designing your house nowadays comes with a hefty price especially if you go directly to an architect and sometimes even just a civil or structural engineer. Architects usually charge around 5-7% of your project so if your house is 4 million worth then designing – all the way to supervision could cost you 200-280 thousand or 50-70 thousand per million. Large or established construction companies usually charge the same, so the best option for new house owners looking to save on their construction expenses is to look for a smaller construction company who also does designing and blueprinting. These construction companies like us, are called “design and build” outfits.

Design and blueprinting costs with most design and build outfits for a 150 square meter house ranges around 45 to 75 thousand around Cebu. Even with that low price, there are still customers who try to haggle for a much lower price down to 35 thousand which is mostly the lowest that we can accept.

Design and build contractors are able to offer such low house designing and blueprinting because they have special deals with experienced designers who accepts designing services in bulk packages. Designing and blueprinting services offered by design and build contractors also emphasizes on the current requirements of the local Municipal engineers / OBO, further cutting the cost.

The designing process starts with your floor plans which are based on your preferences, your lot’s contour, and the Philippine building code and / or local ordinances. Once your floor plans are finalized, the designer can then proceed on your external design or “perspective”. Once the floor plans and perspective (architectural) are finalized, the other OBO required building plans are started – electrical plans, plumbing plans, mechanical plans, and structural design and analysis. To further cut on the designing costs, other detailed plans not required for the building permit such as the interior designs are provided FREE to the customer, but only after the house shell or structure is completed. Another reason the interior designs and other intricate non-standard interior plans are done after the house shell is completed, is to give the designer and the customer a more direct experience on the house and the interiors since they can actually step inside the actual bare rooms.

10 thoughts on “Affordable house designing and blueprinting for your building permit requirement

  1. Sorry, below wrong words, I mean
    but I can’t build all by one time , so I need to know the estimated cost for one ,thanks

    • Hi Andy,

      So you can save on the cost of the building permit processing, I suggest we design and blueprint your whole project – 20-30 sqm small units to fit your 300 sqm lot, but then build them one at a time.

      Yes it is wise to get the permit first of the entire plan and then just build one small unit at a time.

      We can start with a site survey on your lot in Panglao to start the planning and designing phase.

      We offer affordable project designing and blueprinting for your building permit application.

      Specifically Where in Panglao is your lot located? So we can schedule a site survey.

      You can email me a scan of your lot sketch plan or a scan of your title.

      mobile: 639214275469

  2. Thank you for reply
    .Yes, Panglao Island in Bohol.
    Our lot is 300sqm.
    But I mean just build a house only 20-30sqm not build a house then design the house separate a lot of studio style room.
    My plan is build many small house on the lot for rent ,not only one big house or apartments , every house need the bathroom(toilet and shower),
    .but I can build all by one time , so I need to know the estimated cost for one ,thanks

  3. May I ask U ,if I want build a house like studio style one story RC house
    ,how long will finish , and how much is the estimated cost?, location is panglong inland.

  4. Hello, May I ask U, if I want build a RC house only 15-20sqm, one story(like studio style)
    How long will finished, and How much is the estimated cost ?
    Location is panglong island.

  5. How long will it take you to build a 150 sq m one story house. How much is the estimated cost including fine fiinish of the interior?

    • Hi Lorna,

      150 sqm 1 storey should finish in about 3-4 months of regular-paced work.

      Complete costing with interior fine finishing should be around p2.0 – 2.55M

      We need to work on your house design and blueprint first if you want lower costing or if you want to exact costing.

      We offer affordable complete house designing and blueprinting.

      Let me know.


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