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We provide finely finished interior, exterior, and energy efficient modern homes. The company is borne out of customers’ need for fine finishes. When a regular contractor finishes a house, it is common scene to find haphazardly done works, cracks, inferior plastering, boils on the paint job, etc.

By employing fine finishers or highly skilled craftsmen right at the start of the project, both the contractor and the owner get to save time and money and avoid unwanted headaches and possible disappointments.

Our designers and suppliers come from the finest organizations in Cebu such as Mobelhaus for kitchen systems, Designs Source for flooring assemblies, Kenneth & Mock for windows and sliding doors, Nobelgren and Sara Woodcraft for tables and furniture.

Our workers and installers are the same workers who work at the biggest names in the Cebu construction scene.

Our engineering team have real time training and experience both here and abroad.

We value Integrity and not just talk about it; we exude expertise because of our years of experience; and we practice social responsibility by regularly giving back to the community through our various outreach programs.

We believe that the people we serve are representatives of the Grand Architect and Creator of Everything — God Almighty, thus we strive for perfection and we value utmost honesty in all our dealings because we give Glory to HIM when we make our customers happy…

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8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Sir Val,

    Goodevening, thank you for your appreciation and prompt reply.

    Please let me know when and where is your preferred time and venue Sir Val so for us to discuss with our partnership proposal.

    Thank you Sir Val and we look forward to our long lasting business relationship with your company.

  2. Good day! I am Leonnel Almonte, Account Officer of Cebuana Lhuillier. Cebuana Lhuillier would like to offer a partnership with your company. We would like to offer our Corporate Payout Service at a corporate rate, our system will make it convenient for your company to disburse the salaries of your employees in more accessible locations using our branches. We will allow your company to set payout instructions using a secured facility that can be accessible at your office premises. We will also provide you pertinent report of daily transactions made everyday. For a more detailed discussion of our partnership proposal, we would like to meet with you at your preferred time and venue. Should you have queries or clarifications, please do not hesitate to call me at 09061182787. Thank you and we look forward to establishing a mutually-beneficial and long lasting business relationship with your esteemed organization.

  3. Hi, I am Cyril Igot of BP Technologies Cebu Branch. We are a supplier of composite materials like epoxy resins. Our main customer usually falls on the marine industry but we are moving forward to get involve in the booming phenomena of construction industry in Cebu. I may ask if do you consider epoxy resins as one of the material for your repairs (filler)? If so, we would like to ask an hour over a coffee meeting to discuss the details. Many thanks and hopefully we could set the meeting soon.

    • Hi Cyril,

      We normally don’t have a lot of time for suppliers sales pitch but since you have the same name as my son, I’d like to make you the exception.

      Yes we use epoxy a whole lot but I’m not sure if it is the same epoxy that you are promoting.

      If your epoxy resin is different and new, then I’d like to learn more about it.

      I also have great faith in British technology.

      When would you like to have coffee with me?

      By the way, Cyril is a highly masculine Greek name Κύριλλος (Kyrillos) which means “Lordly” or “Masterful”, derived from κυριος (kyrios) “Lord”.


      • Hi Sir Val,

        Good afternoon, thank you for your prompt reply and Greekly knowledge about my name hehe.

        Are you okay this coming Monday December 12, 2016 in the afternoon around 2PM? Just let me know where is your preference at your convenience.

        Warm Regards,

        CYRIL IGOT
        Sales/Application Engineer
        BIG PIX Graphics Systems Inc.
        BP Technologies Division
        Mobile No. 09982032068
        Tel No. 032 412 5661 / 032 254 0006 loc.108

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